JNM Investment Governance

Independent ‘On The Job’ investment training
and support for trustees and other investors

Knowledge and Control Through Process, Planning, and Preparation

You can benefit from the following services at JNM

  • Independent portfolio based investment training
  • Independent investment meeting optimisation
  • Independent investment committee coordination
  • Independent ad hoc investment support
  • Independent pension trusteeship

JNM provides

  • Time
  • Independence
  • Process
  • Planning
  • Preparation
  • Coordination
  • Structure
  • Devil’s advocate


  • Independent Investment Training
  • Fast track busy professionals to confident dialogue
  • Record keeping
  • Investment audit
  • Independent investment training
  • Saving time and money
  • Challenging and control
  • Understanding and confidence
  • Improved investment outcome?

What's different?

  • On-the-job training
  • Neither investment consultant nor manager
  • Independence - to evaluate objectively
  • Challenging ALL sources of information and advice
  • Change - to save time and make time allocated more productive
  • Confidentiality - to explain frankly what is not understood
  • Supporting individual trustees WHEN and WHERE needed

Protecting trustee's reputation - and more?

“The review believes that advice alone is an inadequate basis for decision-making, if trustees are not in a position critically to examine the information on which it is based.”

—Institutional Investment in the United Kingdom: A Review
Paul Myners 2001

“Trustees should have sufficient expertise to be able to evaluate and challenge the advice they receive, and manage conflicts of interest.”

—The Pensions Regulator (UK)

“... there is a real imperative both for education of trustees and for a better dialogue between trustees and their advisors.”

—The Economist Intelligence
Unit 2007

In Ireland, JNM Investment Governance represents Ortec Finance, a leading global specialist in measuring and managing risk and return for pension funds, insurance companies, asset managers and private wealth managers. The combined services from both companies uniquely bring transparency and control to decision-makers in the Irish pensions and investment sector.